Our History 

Firm Foundation Early Learning Academy, hereafter referred to as Firm Foundation Preparatory Academy, began with only 7 students and three teachers. We waited with baited breath as the Lord began to unfold His plan for the new academy for Cross Culture Church, formerly Abundant Life Church. It still amazes the teachers to see how the Lord orchestrates everyone to work together as a team. Each child receiving  instructions and are nurtured by every teacher. There are no ‘lone rangers’. “Each joint supplies another” to insure that each student receives all they need to succeed.
Firm Foundation is the education program for the Cross Culture Church in Lithonia, Georgia. The vision that God placed in the heart of Woodrow and Francine Walker has grown and expanded like the mustard seed which Jesus likened to the Kingdom of God in Mark 4:30-32. The prophecies, which state that “Cross Culture Church would be a church without walls”, is being fulfilled as it continues to “bridge the gap, change mindsets and transform cultures to the standard of Christ”. Firm Foundation is part of that vision. We take the calling serious to teach and nurture students in science, math, history, language arts as well as enrich their learning experience with art, music and foreign language. We are committed to introduce each child to Christ, sharing His life, His love and His Word. It is our desire to encourage and nurture future leaders totally committed to Christ.
Another portion of our progressive and enriched curriculum is to introduce the students to other cultures. Throughout the school year, there will be presentations, art works, music and special guests from other cultures such as the Native American, Chinese and the Hispanic communities.
Our monthly field trips are more than fun but each one is specifically chosen to enhance the learning experience and expose our students to new things. We will be “a school without walls” and discover as much as we can in science museums, botanical gardens, planetariums, or concert halls.
To expand our learning experience, we have established an enriched S.T.E.A.M. based afterschool program. Robotics, music, , Renewable Energy , Math and Chess are offered to our students as well as students from neighboring elementary schools. Basketball and football are made available through the Cross Culture Sports Ministry.