Students are responsible for their own behavior.  Teachers do not allow misbehavior or disrespect on campus.  Students at Firm Foundation Early Learning Academy abide by the following code of conduct:

  • I will show respect for others and their property.
  • I will be prepared, responsible, and safe.

Discipline at Firm Foundation Early Learning Academy is administered in accordance with Christian principles.  Education is the responsibility of the parents.  It is obtained best with the cooperation of the student, parents, church, and school.

No form of bullying, harassment, or hazing will be tolerated at any time from any student or staff member. Repeated offenses will result in parent/teacher conferences, suspension, job suspension and possibly expulsion if the behavior persists.

Each teacher will set classroom rules and policies for the purpose of maintaining order, teaching students to respect others and follow directions. A copy of those rules will be distributed during orientation in your classroom packets.

If a student does not comply with the set classroom rules, he/she will be directed to the Director’s office for further disciplining and for the parents will be notified.


Any student who shows behavioral problems, fails to complete class work or homework, or have five unexcused tardies will be required to serve detention.  A detention slip will be sent home to inform the parents.  This slip is an indication that parents need to take action at home so that class time is not consumed with these problems but with academic instruction.  The detention slip must be signed and returned the next school day.

If at any time the school feels that parental cooperation is lacking, the student will be invited to withdraw.  Additionally, if the behavior of the student indicates an uncooperative spirit, he/she will be invited to withdraw.



Students may be assigned suspension only by the administration.  The student is responsible for completing all academic work during a suspension period and will not be allowed to participate in any school activity during the duration of the suspension.  It is the responsibility of the parent/guardian to pick up all assignment from the teachers.  All suspensions require a parent conference at the time of suspension and/or prior to the student returning to school.