FFPA Afterschool Classes

FFirm Foundation Prep Academy offers after-school enrichment classes, for students K5 – 8th grade. All classes and aftercare are only $10 per class.  We offer the following after-school enrichment classes:  Piano Lessons STEM Clas Robotics Dance

Firm Foundation Prep Academy PE (Physical Education)

FFirm Foundation Prep Academy’s PE classes are taught by Mr. Will Dixon, each on Thursdays. Engaging in PE classes help improve our student’s physical fitness, social skill, teamwork skill, increases motor skill development, encourages daily exercise, builds brain cells and improve academics. Our PE classes requires each student to wear our PE uniform. FFPA PE […]

Firm Foundation Prep Academy STEM Class

Firm Foundation Prep Academy’s STEM class creates critical thinkers, increases science literacy, and enables the next generation of innovators. Benefits of STEM Education Increases Innovative Thinking Encourages Curiosity Inspires Creativity and Ingenuity Fosters Collaboration and Communication Builds Confidence Prepares Students for High-Demand Careers

Firm Foundation Music Education

FFirm Foundation offers music classes each week for our students. Music is taught by our Director, Mrs. Janet Johnson. Music education helps stimulate the imagination of students. Music also creates images and scenarios in the student’s mind while listening to music. And the students also think of new lyrics, notes, compositions, and tunes while creating […]